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Highland Park Thor

Highland Park Thor (1st release) 52.1% ABV

Highland Park Distillery is located on the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland, which makes it the most northern distillery.

Their release of Thor is the first of their Valhalla Collection, to be released annually, celebrating the Island’s connection to their Norse roots, and more importantly the Norse Gods.

The packaging of this single malt is really something in itself.  There are some amazing bottles out there, but this one takes the cake.  It starts off in a miniature Viking ship that opens up to a blue, yes blue, bottle.  On the bottle is the hammer of Thor!  The sound of which was supposed to be pretty terrifying, and the people of Orkney were said to have heard during battles.  At 52.1% ABV it is said to have the strength of the God himself.   The Whisky of the Gods, if we’ve ever seen one! Oh, and did we mention it is delicious?


  • Nose: Butter, caramel, hint of smoke, fruity, mushroom, spiced orange, pear, and wood.
  • Taste 1: Peaty, spicy, earthy, deep vanilla in nose, light pear, creamy on the back of tongue and cheeks.
  • Taste 2: Hay, smoke, woody spice infused with vanilla, earthy, oaky, something sweet, a hint of bitter coffee on the edges, fruity pear with a sharp end of the woody spice.
  • Taste 3: Burned vanilla bean, the fruit is an afterthought, very dry, sucks the moisture from the mouth.
  • Finish: Vanilla and slight fruit, bitter on the back of tongue, peat and smoke.
This has been a tasting by the Serious Scotch Gals of the Highland Park Thor special valhalla collection single malt.

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